Step 1

1- Go to and Login into Zapier.

2- Once logged in, type LionDesk in the search to find the app.

2- Accept and then go to the dashboard.

3- On the Dashboard Click on "Make A Zap".

4- Search "JotForm" in the "Choose a Trigger App" box.

5- Select "New Submission".

6- Hit "Save and Continue".

7- Click "Connect a new Account", connect to your JotForm account and then it will then display a "Success" message.


Step 2
1- Choose LionDesk as your "Action"

2- Create a New Contact and then Hit "Save and Continue" 

3- Click on "Connect a New Account", it will open a window for Zapier

4- Go to your LionDesk Settings > 3rd Party Integration and enable your Zapier API key, Copy and paste the key in Zapier.

5- Hit on "Test", A "Success" message will be displayed. Then hit "Save and Continue". 

6- Fill the form by Matching your form's fields to LionDesk's Fields.


  • Source, choose the source you are creating the Zap for. in this example we are creating it for JotForm so we are typing the Source JotForm. Make sure it matches 100% the sources you have in LionDesk (copy paste the source to make sure it is written the same way). If the source is left Blank, it will still import the lead, however no source type will be added and no auto-responder will be started.
     you can add tags, as many as you want, to add multiple tags, separate them by a comma.


7- Fill out the information and hit 'Continue". Here is an example of the form.

8- A "Test LionDesk CRM" will then rollout. Click "Create & Continue" 

9- When the test is don a "Test Successful" message will appear. Hit "Finish" 

10- Give your Zap a name and Turn your Zap "ON"  

All done!

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