Cloud CMA

1- Go to Cloud CMA and get your API Key

2- Then log into your LionDesk account and go into "Settings"

3- Select 3rd Party Integrations 

4- You will then see the LionDesk API Table, you will find "Cloud CMA" and then can enter the API Key

5- Now, from any contact profile in LionDesk you’ll see “Cloud CMA”

6- When you click ‘Cloud CMA’ a window will popup. It will pre-fill the address form the home address of the contact, or you can type one in.

7- Put in the contact's email who you will be Emailing it to (LionDesk and CloudCMA will not send this out automatically.)

8- Put the contact name who you are creating the CMA for

9- Click “Create.

10- This popup will appear

11- Click Ok, and then if you would like to see the CMA, you will click “reload” on your Contact Activity Timeline. Once the CMA is built, you will see it added as a comment, as well as a link to the CMA.

12- You will also be able to see the CMA in your contact’s documents area for later use.

13- You now have a finished CMA that you can use to attach to an email or send the email via link.


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