LionDesk Video Email & Texting: A Real Estate Industry First

We've been very busy over the summer working on some incredible features that stick to the stated goal for LionDesk which is to create not just a CRM, but a total Customer Engagement Platform for you to manage and track all of your relationships using every touch point available.

With that in mind, we have some exciting news!

LionDesk Video Services!

Record and Send Video Emails directly from LionDesk.

Record and Send Inline Video Text Messages!|


Video email is hot, if you use it well, you will see incredibly high open rates and a personal connection can be made.

Video texting is going to be hotter! 

Imagine getting a new lead from (pick your favorite lead gen site) and you're the ONLY one who responds to that client with a text message that has a video!  You can start it automatically from a drip campaign, or send a one to one text.

"Hi, this is David from LionDesk Realty, I got your request for 123 Main Street and wanted to introduce myself!  I'm excited to tell you all about this property, so just text or call me back and I'll make sure you get what you want." 

Video Text's from LionDesk are not a link...they are actual inline videos.

Your client is going to see that you sent a video and think "wow...this Realtor is amazing!", which means $$$ for you.


How it works?

Video Email: Sending a video email works like you would do it now with Youtube or another service.

Just record the video in LionDesk, save the title, description and tag it.  It'll then be available to use on a one to one email to your contact, on a drip, or to multiple contacts.  When they get the email, they will see your email and be able to click on your video that will launch a page.  LionDesk will track the email open, click and video play!

Video Text: Sending a video text is just as easy!  Just record the Text video (20 seconds or less), save it, tag it and then you can send it out.  When it gets to your client, it will show up as an inline text message and NOT just a link to a video page. 


See how it works! (9 minute video)


Now, go try it yourself!!


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