Subscription Management Center

LionDesk users can view account details and purchase custom upgrades. These upgrades include custom numbers, extra video texts, PowerDialers, etc. These transactions now happen automatically, so no more waiting for your account improved -- upgrade exactly when and how you want.

The subscription management center is found in the bottom left corner of your profile, labelled "Subscriptions & Limits".

In this area, you can view your account and subscription settings, purchase upgrades for your or your team's accounts (custom texting number, new video texts, PowerDialer), and download invoices of your past purchases. (Purchases are automatically added to the card on your profile.)

Updating Your Subscription

You can also update your subscription to LionDesk (both monthly and annual) in addition to other purchases.

*Note: If you are currently paying for your account and would like to upgrade to the Pro Plus plan or switch between monthly/annual - submit your request to

Purchasing Custom Numbers

When you buy a custom number, you will choose what kind of number you want. Select "Get Number" and a new area will appear. Then simply type the area code you want the phone number to be, and a list of available phone numbers will appear.

Once you've selected the number you want, and clicked "Purchase Number," the checkout and payment options will have your selected number on them.

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