LionDesk Chat

LionDesk is excited to introduce the ability to chat with a LIVE LionDesk support agent! 

Chat is generally open during our office hours of Monday through Friday 830am-500pm PST. The chat option can be found in the bottom right hand side of the help center. 

To get started using chat, follow the below instructions:

1- Click on this icon to get started

2- Fill out your contact information, then click "Start Chatting" 


3- Here is a sample chat conversation. Once you are done chatting, simply close your browser or click the minimize button in the upper right hand corner. 


4- Before you go, Don't forget to rate your support agent to help us improve our customer service. Click on the thumbs up or down icons depending on your rating of our assistance: mceclip0.png

  • NOTE: If an agent is busy assisting others and unable to respond to your questions before you leave chat, LionDesk will follow up through an email. 
  • NOTE: When chat is closed for the day, you will see the above icon. You can still submit your question by clicking on "Contact LionDesk!" We will respond ASAP when we are back in the office. 
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