Why Does My MailChimp Template Look Incorrect?

We are aware that when converting an in-depth well designed MailChimp template into LionDesk, there can be some formatting issues. Resolving this issue involves adjusting the HTML code for your email.


1- Access where you pasted your MailChimp HTML code by selecting "Source"source.png

2- Once the table opens with the HTML code, press "CTRL + F" on your keyboard to bring up the search bar.

3- In the search bar type "MC_".

4- Two areas will be highlighted. Erase <!--*IF:MC_PREVIEW_TEXT* - ->  and *MC_PREVIEW_TEXT* (image below for guidance).

5- Two width size parameters below also need to be changed. Where it says "with="100%"" replace the 100% with 600px (image below for guidance).


6- Once those adjustments have been made, your template is ready to send. And if you feel that the width is incorrect, you can change the "600px" to your preferred size in pixels. 

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