Creating a Direct Mail Template


To create a direct mail template please follow the direction below. 


1- Go to the "Marketing" tab within your LionDesk navigation bar to the left of your account screen.


2- Select the Templates at the top of the screen and go to "Create Direct Mail Template".


3- Select the "Letter" tab (postcard option is not currently available).

4- Choose whether you would like to create the letter in HTML format (which would be formatting your letter through LionDesk) or upload a PDF you have already created.

5- Select options such as whether you would like black and white or color, 1-sided or double-sided, and address layout. (Note: these options will affect the cost of each individual piece of mail and will use more of your purchased Direct Mail Credits).

  • Recipient Address:
    • You can choose "Standard" or "My Mailing Address"
      • Standard: Letter will be sent to your Contact (You will use this most of time)
      • My Mailing Address: Letter will be sent to your address in your LionDesk Profile. (Use this if you're just going to test a letter out, or want the letters sent to your address)
    • 22222.png
    • Make sure your template that you creating is being sent to the right kind of  address and that your contact has that type of address within their contact information. Your options are "home, main office, branch office, second, investment, mailing". The template will always be associated to this address.

    • 111111.png
  • Address Layout: 
    • '1st Page' will mean that the recipient address information is printed on the same page as your content. 
    • 'Separate Page' will mean that the recipient address information is printed on a standalone page and your content will be on a separate page. This works best for letters that take up a whole page.


 6- Create the content that you want in your direct mail letter.

Tips: If you have a Word document, you can convert that to HTML by using ( Simply copy your word document into the Word Editor section, click on the HTML section and then copy that.  Go back to LionDesk, click on the "Source" button and then paste it in the Source Popup.

7- If you want the content to be on two pages, insert a page break using the page break button as highlighted. 


Multiple Pages: If you are creating more than one page, the content that will be on the first page does not wrap into the second page automatically. Make sure you use the preview button to see where your content on the first page is going to end, and where you will need to make the page break. This is a manual process but it is imperative to make sure your content is not going to be cut off and left out of your direct mail letter. 

Note: When using LionDesk Codes in the template it will say things such as {{emailsignature}}, if your email signature is long and at the end of page one, it will most likely be cut off, so again, please make sure to use the preview button, and to make enough space in your content by using page breaks.


8- Once your letter is created, you can preview your direct mail in a PDF view. You can also view your letter by entering in a contact name in the preview contact box.

  • When entering a contact name in the "preview contact box", using LionDesk short codes such as {{firstname}} will be pre-filled.

9-Save your template by choosing the folder you would like to store it in.

10- Save template.



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