Applying Direct Mail to a Drip Campaign


The direct mail feature can be applied to drip campaigns so that when the task is due, LionDesk will automatically create and mail your piece out to either your contact, or create a PDF and email it to you.


Read below to find out how to apply a direct mail template to your automated drip campaigns.


1- Go to the Marketing tab on the navigation bar.


2- Select Auto Pilot Drip Campaign in the above tabs.


3- Select the drip campaign that you want to apply the direct mail to.

4- Select "Add New Task to Drip".


5- Select the type of Letter you want to add. You have two options:

  • "Direct Mail: Letter" - The letter will be sent by LionDesk directly to your client.

  • "Agent Task: Direct Mail: Letter" - LionDesk will create the PDF of the letter and email it to you for you to then print and send yourself.


6- Choose the folder that the template is saved under.


  • Make sure to create a template before applying one to a drip. To find out how to create a direct mail template view the article here.

7- Select the template you would like to send as your Direct Mail.


8- Task your drip to either a team member or yourself.

  • If you do assign the task on the drip to a team member, they must have the direct mail credits on their account. 


9- Schedule the letter when you would like it to be sent according to your drip campaign.


10- Select "Add Task to Drip" and you're done!


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