We are excited to announce our new partnership with PieSync that allows a two-way sync between LionDesk and some of your favorite business apps!


To learn how to set up your PieSync account, please follow the guide provided here. 

1- In setting up a sync connection, you first need to select the LionDesk app. Provided is a handy search bar to quickly search for LionDesk. After you select LionDesk, you immediately proceed to select the second app. 

2-In order to use PieSync, you need to have registered accounts with the apps you selected. At this point, you'll need to connect PieSync to these apps so we can fetch the contacts data configuration. You do this for both apps. 

3- Choose whether you want to sync Contacts or Leads. The availability to sync Leads depends on whether your app has a Leads entity

4- Once you authorized 2 apps, you tell PieSync how we should keep your contacts data in sync. By default, PieSync proposes a two-way sync with a drop-down to allow for one-way syncs.

A two-way sync starts off with 2 rules. Each rule fulfills the conditions of each side of the sync. PieSync looks at all the data stored on each side, so you can define exactly what data needs to move from one side to the other.

5- Through PieSync you can and you should tweak the sync so that not only contacts get synced, but you also respect the segmentation, tags, groups, categories, custom attributes, subscription status, ... of the apps that the contacts live in. In a PieSync rule, you can choose to add a filter and add actions to syncs. 

6- In addition to setting up sync rules, PieSyncs presents a series of app-dependent options. These include: 

7- A contact is more than just a name. All your contacts attributes need to be carefully mapped with one another in a sync. 

  • PieSync's DEFAULT FIELD MAPPING shows you those default fields we will always keep in sync and details how we mapped them between the two apps you have connected. You cannot change these fields.
  • In the CUSTOMIZABLE FIELD MAPPING, you'll be able to map fields stored in your apps that we didn't find logical counterparts for. This includes default fields as well as custom fields. The customizable field mapping is set up and shown in the white part below the default field mapping in the configuration. You can add an unlimited amount of mappings and remove, enable/disable them anytime. 

8- Start Syncing! 


Sync your contacts with PieSync





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