Purchasing Direct Mail & Viewing Limits


To use the direct mail feature in LionDesk you must purchase credits that are applied to your account.

To purchase these credits:

1- Go to your profile within your LionDesk account


2- Once you are in your profile, scroll down to manage subscriptions and limits


3- Here you can see your limits on your account and how many direct mail credits you have left


4- To continue to purchase direct mail credits, hit the subscription and limits button

5- Select the direct mail credits add-on feature from the list


  • Your purchase options are $10 Direct Mail Credit and $100 Direct Mail Credit
  • You will be charged per mail piece therefore your credits will be used to pay for the total pieces you will be sending

6- Select "add"


7- When continuing to the next screen to finish your transaction, you will have the option to add Auto-Recharge

  • This option allows your account to be automatically charged when your direct mail credit reaches 10%
  • It will recharge with your original amount purchased


8. Click "Check Out" to complete the process.

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