Sending Out Direct Mail as a Bulk Action


You have the option to send direct mail to one contact, two contacts, or a lot of your contacts using the bulk actions feature!

1- Go to you contacts section in you navigation bar. 


2- In your contacts table select the contacts that you want to send direct mail to.

3- Go to your bulk actions button and from the drop down menu select the direct mail option.


4- In the window that appears, select letter as your direct mail option, and then select the folder that the direct mail template is store in.


5- Select the direct mail template that you want to use.

6- When choosing your template it will say "(Address Type: Mailing)", when creating your template you had the option to choose what kind of address this would be sent to you. Your options are "home, main office, branch office, second, investment, mailing". 

7- Choose a send date for the direct mail.


8- Your direct mail is now scheduled to be sent out!


Note: There is a two hour delay for something to be sent out, therefore you have time to cancel if needed.

Note: When entering in a contact's address in their contact information, please make sure the address is under the category or address type that you want it under. 



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