FaceBook Lead Ad Integration

Facebook Ads are a popular lead generation tool used across all industries. With a Facebook Business Page, users can create ads that capture contact information. Users can connect their ads and route all contact information to LionDesk.

Once the integration is in place, LionDesk will create a new contact record for leads coming in from your Facebook Ads. You can also trigger drip campaigns (emails, texts, and task reminders) to connect and communicate with the new leads immediately. Using these campaigns, you can also schedule emails, texts, and task reminders over the next few weeks, months, or years to stay top of mind with these contacts. 

Below you will find a video and a step-by-step guide in setting up the integration with Facebook Ads and LionDesk. 

  • To access your LionDesk settings, click here
  • To test a lead, use this Facebook tool.
  • To remove connection with Facebook click here.



Facebook Lead Ad Integration

1) Go to your LionDesk "Settings"

2) Click the "Facebook Settings" tab

3) Click "Connect to Facebook"

*Note: If the Facebook login window does not display - open a new browser tab with Facebook and manually log out of Facebook.


4) Once you are connected to Facebook with LionDesk - there will be a list of your Facebook pages.

   a) Click "List Forms"

   b) Click "Add Form" for each of the lead ad pages you want to connect



5) Highlight and copy each lead ad that you have connected, and add each form as a source.

*Note: Once you have added each lead form as a source - refresh your browser.




6) Go to the "Facebook Settings" tab

   a) Click "Edit Source/Map

   b) Match each drop down with the lead ad form name and remaining data points



7) Click "Lead Distribution & Team Settings" tab

8) Select "Facebook Lead Ad CRM Direct"

   a) Click "+Add New Lead Routing"



9) Select the form name

   a) Select "Distribution Setting:"


 ***Optional: If you would like to start a drip campaign when the lead is routed into LionDesk - select the drip campaign in the "Then start following drip campaign:" section.


  • To test a lead, use this Facebook tool.
  • To remove connection with Facebook click here.


*Follow these steps to remove a Facebook Lead ad connected with LionDesk:


1) Click "Settings"

2) Click "Facebook Settings"

3) Click "Remove" for each of the Lead Ads you would like to disconnect



*Note: If you see the error in the screenshot below - add https:// on your browser URL bar.



Add https:// as seen below






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