Quick Start Checklist

Now that you've started your LionDesk account. Here is a brief checklist to get you started with your LionDesk CRM.


1) Update your Profile:

Enter your "Profile" by clicking on the top right of your LionDesk page then Select "Profile"

The "Profile" page is where you can update your contact details. You can edit the name, email address, and phone number on your account.

Click here for details on setting up your "Profile."

Along with your contact details, you can enter a brief introduction and set up your email signature. Once your email signature is added - all emails sent from LionDesk will include your custom email signature.

Click here for details on setting up your email signature.

Click here for details on adding an image to your email signature.

Click here for details on the "Introduction section.

*Note: While updating your "Profile" page - make sure to set your time zone. The time zone will affect when tasks within drip campaigns are sent.


2) Import your Contacts:

You can import your contacts into LionDesk using a .CSV file.

Before importing your .CSV - make sure each file has less then 1,000 contacts. In addition to limiting your files with less then 1,000 contacts on each .CSV, make sure there is a maximum of 26 columns used on the .CSV - use columns A - Z.

Click here for a step by step to import your contacts.


3) Set up Lead Routing:

Now is a great time to connect your lead generating services with LionDesk. LionDesk connects with a number of 3rd party services. Click here for a list of 3rd party services that integrate with LionDesk. There are various methods to integrate with LionDesk and we are here to help you with that integration. Click here to book a meeting to set up a connection with a 3rd party service.








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