SalesDialers Integration with LionDesk

You can pull leads from your LionDesk account into through an Access Token.

Below are the steps to Sync LionDesk with SalesDialers


Step 1:

  • Login to SalesDialers User Administrator Account
  • Enable LionDesk by clicking the customers Export Option

Step 2:

  • Login to Agent account and click “CRM“ & “CRM Export Settings” on the left menu
  • Click the edit option next to LionDesk to input the LionDesk Access Token

How to get LionDesk Access Token (API Key) For SalesDialers

  • Click Save
  • Then Click on Reveal Access Token


How to Import Leads from LionDesk to SalesDialers

  • Enter the Access Token in CRM Export Settings page and hit save
  • Click on CRM – View LionDesk Contacts to view the contacts from LD
  • From this page you have the option to create new campaign with the contacts or add contacts to the existing campaign
  • You can use the page number for navigate
  • You can view only 50 contacts for each page.
  • Choose the Page number and click the go button to view more contacts. Last added contact is shown first.
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