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LionDesk users!  Please note that effective 1/1/19, the pricing for a LionDesk custom number, which includes access to Text2Sell feature, has changed for new purchases.

Here's what you need to know:

  • You can now pay monthly
  • The monthly price is now $5
  • You can purchase 500 additional monthly texts for $10
  • You can purchase 1,000 additional monthly texts for $15

TRIAL vs PRO vs PRO+: What this looks like by plan level 

  • Trial accounts get 25 texts to try out with a LionDesk shared number
  • Pro accounts receive 50 texts to try out with a LionDesk shared number

You can upgrade to a custom number at any time to use for either of these plans. 

  • Upgrading to Pro+ gives you a free Custom Number and 2,000 texts, as well as a host of other features.

Existing Clients:

  • For anyone who already has the custom number under an annual plan the pricing and plan will STAY THE SAME.  You will also KEEP the same amount of texts each renewal period.   

Why we made the change:   

  • Many users have been asking for a monthly plan for custom number   
  • We haven’t increased prices since we launched the texting 3 years ago
  • Prices from our provider have increased dramatically over the last 3 years
  • It still includes unlimited text-2-sell short codes for online and offline marketing
  • We are still less expensive than the competitors and don’t charge for any inbound messages, just outbound

Here's some helpful articles about the benefits of a Custom Numbers and using the Text2Sell short code feature:

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