How to Set up Lead Assist™


Step 1: Head over to your Profile Page on the Upper right hand corner of the Page. Under Profile, Navigate under Subscription and Limits and you will see an area for Lead Assist™

Step 2: After clicking on "Click To Complete Connection" a new window will open. Click "Allow" to Continue.

Step 3: You will be greeted with a new screen where you can edit your Lead Assist™ information. Click "Submit" to complete integration.


Once integrated, you can proceed with creating a drip campaign for your Lead Assist™

(Note: You can also remove access to Lead Assist™ by clicking remove connection)



Step 4: Go to Your Marketing Page, found on the left hand side of your LionDesk account.



Step 5: Within Marketing Page, go to the Auto Pilot Drip Campaign.



Step 6: From Your Auto Pilot Drip Campaign Tab > Click on Tasks Next to your Drip Campaign of your Choosing and select Add New Task To Drip.



Step 7: Add your LionDesk Lead Assist Task™. You will be able to have similar functions available just as other tasks. Such as Timings(When "Gabby" should begin making contact with your client), etc.


Step 8: Proceeding to Add Task, you will see your Lead Assist™ Task is now within your Drip.

(Note: It is recommended to not use Lead Assist in tandem with Text Tasks as Lead Assist™ has built in 12 Months Text Message Drips.)

For more information on the Text Message Drips built in with Lead Assist, you can check Seller Drips and Buyer Drips.



There are some Requirements in order to be able to setup Lead Assist™:

  • LionDesk Custom Number: To be able to use our Lead Assist™, a Custom Number will be needed for use. Please check here for information on the Custom Number.

  • Lead Assist™ Credits: Like many features we offer, you will need Credits to be able to use Lead Assist. By Default, you are provided 5 Free credits. To purchase more credits, please check this article.






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