How to use Lead Assist™

Viewing Lead Assist™ Task from within Contacts Profile

- After your Drip campaign has been applied to your Contact, from within the Contacts Profile, make your way to the Lower part of the Page and you will see AutoPilot Drip Campaign Tasks. This is where you can see your Lead Assist™ Task active on the Contact.


Lead Assist™ Visible through Contact Activity Timeline

- After the drip campaign has been applied to your contact, within the Contact Activity Timeline, you can see a displayed Message: "SUCCESS: LionDesk Lead Assist™ lead created" -- This indicates the Lead is going to be engaged.



Familiarizing Lead Assist™ sending icons

- When Lead Assist™ sends a text message, it can be identified by the textIcon1.png icon similar to if you sent a text yourself. Leads will respond with this TextIcon2.PNG Icon.


Lead Assist™ and Custom Fields!

- Lead Assist will populate Custom Fields that correlate with the information provided from your lead! (Note: When you Sign up for Lead Assist™, these fields will get automatically added to your account)


Lead Assist™ and Tags

- Lead Assist™ tags are automatically updated throughout the conversation based on the leads interest (Note: Similar to Custom Fields, When you sign up for Lead Assist™, these tags will be automatically added to your account)

- Below are 5 of the Interest Tags Lead Assist will add.

  1. Lead Assist: Unresponsive
  2. Lead Assist: Responded
  3. Lead Assist: Interested
  4. Lead Assist: Not interested
  5. Lead Assist: Agent Follow-up



Lead Assist™ creating Tasks

- Lead Assist™ "Task" are automatically created for users throughout the conversation
(these tasks have a variety of reminder types set automatically as well)

  1. Call (agent task - call)
  2. Email (agent task - email)
  3. Follow-up (agent task - text)
  4. Send property info (agent task - email)
  5. Setup home search (agent task - email)
  6. Send property valuation (agent task - email)
  7. Connect with lender (agent task - email)
  8. Confirm appointment (agent task - text)
  9. Send market report (agent task - email)


Lead Assist™ on Profile Page

 - To remove or cancel Lead Assist, users can go to their settings and click Remove Connection

 - Users can also manage their Lead Assist™ Credits from the settings page



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