Lead Assist™ FAQs

Q: Will I be able to view the conversation within my LionDesk Mobile app?

    • A: Yes! You will will be able to see the conversations live on your LionDesk mobile app.

Q: Does it pull from my texting limit?

    • A: No. Lead Assist™ uses its own credits. To purchase more credits, please check this article.

Q: What type of leads does Lead Assist™ work on?

    • A: It works on buyers & sellers. As well as unknown lead types.

Q: Do you use my current cell phone number to respond to leads?

    • A: No. It uses your LionDesk custom number. Which is a requirement to have in order to use Lead Assist™. Please check here for information on the Custom Number.

Q: How do I mute/stop Lead Assist™ so I can take over the conversation?

  • A: There are Three places you can do this at 1 and 2 are related to the Web Application and the 3 Option is found within the Mobile App!
    • 1. From your Dashboard, head over to your Communications Page, Click on Texting Center Tab, Locate your contact who you are wanting to Mute Lead Assist™ on and Click on Mute.textImage2.png
    • 2. From your Dashboard, Click on Contacts, search for your contact and get into their Contact Profile, Once here, click on the Text Button next to their Number. Finally, after a few seconds of Loading, you will see the option to mute.textingImage.png
    • 3. Opening the Mobile App, you will tap on Texting Icon, then locate the contact you want to mute Lead Assist™ on. Then Click on Mute L.A


Please Note: It is not recommended to Mute the Lead unless you are ready to take the conversation over completely. Muting/unmute can result in the stopping of future messages sent out by Lead Assist.

Q: Can I customize what Lead Assist says?

  • A: No. Lead Assist™ is constantly adjusting to take care of the conversations for you.

Q: How quickly does it respond?

  • A: There is a delay of up to 3-5 minutes currently so that the client doesn't think that it's a computer responding.

Q: What is Lead Assist™ Credit?

  • A: For Every Lead you have Lead Assist active for, it will use 1 Credit per Lead. 1 Credit = $3 per lead.

Q: Error: Failed to Connect to LionDesk AI

  • A: This can occur if either you don't have a LionDesk Custom Number or you do not have a Cell Phone added in your account. Lead Assist™ requires a Cell Phone and a Custom Number to integrate.image__2_.png

Q: How do I change the name of the assistant or my agency?

  •  ATo change the name that Lead Assist™ uses to introduce itself or any information about your agency, send an email to Support@LionDesk.Com . 


Q: Is there a way to reset it so that it starts over on a lead?

  • AThere is no way to reset a conversation Lead Assist™ is carrying out at this time. It will not start from the beginning text.

Q: How do I get the first text to say Facebook instead of My Website?

  • ALead Assist™ will only say Facebook if the Lead Source is exactly "Facebook."

Q: Do you qualify both buyer and seller leads?

    •  A: Lead Assist™ can service buyer leads, seller leads and leads that would like to sell their current home and buy a new home.

      And don't worry, Lead Assist™ doesn't just treat every lead the same. Lead Assist™ has built and pre-trained with scripts for buyers, sellers and those that are doing both!

      Lead Assist™ knows to ask sellers for their property address, and even ask about any updates the lead has made to their property recently.

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      Basically, Lead Assist™ can do it all. Happy closings!

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